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About OPUS Design Ideas

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Completed Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from B.M.S. Collegeof Engineering, Bengaluru and has been practising independently for over fifteen years. But her real area of interest has always been designing non-conventional buildings using a variety of eco-friendly, sustainable materials with a view to reduce the carbon footprint on a micro level. She has been seriously pursuing this for over a decade – since June 2004, to be precise. She specializes in hybrid materials such as stabilized mud blocks, arch panel roofing, aluminium windows, glass blocks, terracotta tiles, filler blocks etc., within a framed concrete and steel structure, thus providing an interesting amalgam of traditional and modern materials and techniques.

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An alumnus of R V College of Engineering, Bengaluru, he graduated with Electrical Engineering as his official branch of study, but has since forayed into a wide spectrum of fields ranging from Architectural model making to Interior decoration to manufacture of 2-seater micro lights to civil construction to Green energy! He has been working in the area of eco-friendly architecture since 2004 and can be credited with a number of innovative techniques, putting to use his immense understanding and knowledge of different materials and structural elements available in the market. His forte has always been in depth visualization, carrying a two dimensional drawing to its logical fruition as a sustainable, enduring product with the underlying motto “make a mark, not a scar”.

Our Clients

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Mr. H.S.Jagadeesh
Mr. A Devegowda
Mrs. Vinutha Krishnamurthy
Mr. Niranjan Shenoy
Brig. Arun Bhandarkar
Mr. Gautamchandra Karanth
Mr. Amitabh Mathur
Mr. Neville Dias
Dr. A.R.S. Murthy
Capt. S. Nagaraj
Dr. Sultanpur
Dr. Damayanti rao

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Commercial and others

M/s. Sampark
M/s. Topaz fire systems
M/s. Child Fund India
M/s. Infrovate Technology
M/s. Moti Textiles
M/s. Shanti Meditation Center
M/s. Ramesh & Co.
M/s. Jubilee Camdarc Diagnostic Center
M/s. Portfolio



Our philosophy has always been that each building has a unique identity of its own, and we as architects nurture that identity and help shape its character by getting involved at the concept stage, and carry it through to its finished state while considering numerous essential factors like owner’s taste, budget, needs and other parameters such as site conditions, Vastushastra, climatology, latest trends, sustainability and structural viability.